Traditional media and citations to blogs

newsIt confirms what many sensed, at least in the U.S., a reporter from the NY Times has recognized the company’s stated policy of not giving credit to blogs or to cite them and especially after about a month ago the Washington Post put the cry in the sky after a blogger a story echoed developed by the newspaper, that if quoting and Link, and paint of parasites bloggers.

To me this controversy reminds me a bit carelessly, it would be a courtesy that the traditional press, or journalists, to link the sources of inspiration as do many blogs, but do not only reflects their enormous contradictions in a new competitive environment they do not know still very well how to drive.

It is a classic, that to change in the competitive environment, the first reaction of companies in life is to opt for resisting change, and instead of adapting to the new reality opt for the tactics of the enemy or water or even as visceral as decision makers accuse Google of usurping the news on Google News  and require Google to pay them to add their news, even though Google’s published an excerpt and link the original source. Finally the last thing I want would not appear in Google News because it sure is a great traffic generator, the press does not want to appear on an aggregator, shows the lack of vision, I almost, almost be willing to appear on Google News.

Then there is the issue of business model is no longer just the heavy cost structures that support the traditional press is generally 50% of its content , publishing news agency that all newspapers replicated without difference . Little value is this information to the reader.

However, the traditional press is partly right, without them, would not be possible to develop or create some news, one has to have sufficient economic resources to investigate a news for quite some time for my press and bloggers are complementary, collaborative force of millions of bloggers are also a powerful tool that generates new news, analyzes existing or access the original source of the story where many journalists can not.

Blogs are not a threat to the traditional press, nobody will stop reading a newspaper to read a blog, and nobody will stop reading a blog by reading a newspaper, but if the mainstream press does not get the batteries, as if someone can stop reading newspapers and go to read one newspaper and several blogs.

And going into more mundane subjects, then there is always the hypocrisy, if not for my paranoia, more than once, after writing a post giving my opinion or analysis of news, and offering a very personal account reflects any idea not appeared in any part, the day after I see as the news is published in a newspaper under the same terms and with the same ideas …. simple inspiration in my post or pure coincidence …. we’ll never know because I can not cite sources. In any case, lack of recognition, if it has been the case, I am pleased to have facilitated the work to some reporter, though he was ashamed or simply provide me is prohibited by company policy.

Traditional media and citations to blogs
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