How to change your mortgage bank

mortgageIf you are under contract with a floor-ceiling clause that allows you to take the downs of the Euribor, and to lower the monthly payments you pay, you have a solution: switch banks. It is a process with their costs, but in some cases is better than paying interest segur above the current trend.
The process of changing bank is called subrogation, and is a figure that indicates clearly that the act of signing with an institution does not bind us to it. If you are a bank with better conditions, we can move our mortgage with him. Continue reading
How to change your mortgage bank
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Euribor continues to set minimum: time to prevent

I begin my journey by gurusblog. The first thing to say that I ancantado with this collaboration and the second thing that I hope the posts that “hangs” are of interest.

I’ll start with a post in which I comment that I think is worth remembering that the “comfortable” situation where we can find reviews of our mortgages, can change at any time and that therefore the family economy as the business, have a good margin for maneuver in terms of debt that we use, is essential to not meet with unpleasant situations in the future may be closer than we think.

All to review or have reviewed their mortgages this year, will have been a great “joy.” Its shares have fallen very relevant as long as they did not have a clause with a minimum rate of pay.

It seems obvious that sooner or later we will see the Euribor rise and therefore we find that our fees will rise again. Anyway I think it is good to remember above all not to “accommodate” to the rates we pay for our mortgages today. What is clear is that at least this year, the monthly expenditure that we have a mortgage and we pay (for now), will be considerably lower than last year and that’s always a joy.

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