Saving the Money thru Business Tax Deductible

tax-formsBuilding a business usually comes with a high responsibility, especially if you know anything about building a business. To get the benefits of building a business, you need to understand how the laws and taxes work for business person than employee. Both of them have different rules. If you’re a business owner, you need to play with business rules, not the one that you use when you’re still an employee. Continue reading

Saving the Money thru Business Tax Deductible
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How to change your mortgage bank

mortgageIf you are under contract with a floor-ceiling clause that allows you to take the downs of the Euribor, and to lower the monthly payments you pay, you have a solution: switch banks. It is a process with their costs, but in some cases is better than paying interest segur above the current trend.
The process of changing bank is called subrogation, and is a figure that indicates clearly that the act of signing with an institution does not bind us to it. If you are a bank with better conditions, we can move our mortgage with him. Continue reading
How to change your mortgage bank
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Use your card like a relationship

Credit CardsKarla Bayly, a Mexican business consultant, offers a highly innovative technique for handling credit cards:  As in a relationship with someone whose domain does not want to fall. Romance, of course, but without easements. Use your credit card, but without being its slave.

1. Find out about him / her
Before taking a step in the relationship, find out all you can about the object of our desire: cost and commissions, interest, penalties, credit limit, promotions …

2. Avoid repeating the same mistakes
From the above relations we learn to avoid tripping over the same stone. What did not work with your credit before? Or, especially: What was what you could not run?

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