How to change your mortgage bank

mortgageIf you are under contract with a floor-ceiling clause that allows you to take the downs of the Euribor, and to lower the monthly payments you pay, you have a solution: switch banks. It is a process with their costs, but in some cases is better than paying interest segur above the current trend.
The process of changing bank is called subrogation, and is a figure that indicates clearly that the act of signing with an institution does not bind us to it. If you are a bank with better conditions, we can move our mortgage with him. Continue reading
How to change your mortgage bank
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Santander shares to bag out of its Brazilian subsidiary

Isantandern order to raise a lot of money, the Brazilian unit of Santander announces an initial public offering, equivalent to an IPO (Initial Public Offering of shares).

The primary objective is to raise about 200 million U.S. dollars. That is what appears from a statement to the Securities Commission of the United States.

The offer will be conducted through the Stock Exchange of St. Paul. The shares will be offered in the bag and also listed on Wall Street. Continue reading

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The U.S. giant General Motors sells 55% of Opel to Magna

Opel to Magna

We have seen how this financial-economic crisis has had a global effect on the economy and how it has affected all sectors, not escaping the automotive sector with falling sales worldwide, with factory closures and worker layoffs continuing .

One of the multinationals concerned has been the almighty U.S. General Motors to liquidity problems, the accumulated losses and debts to acreddores, has been called to reduce its size, having to sell some of the subsidiary that owns and is the case of the German manufacturer Opel.

Thus, after tripartite negotiations between General Motors, the German government and stakeholders at Opel, the U.S. multinational has reached an agreement with the consortium formed by the Austrian-Canadian company Magna along with Sbernbank Russian entity to sell a 55% Opel to be shared equally, keeping General Motors at 35% and the remaining 10% will go to the 50,000 workers he has the German manufacturer.

It was unclear the economic terms of the transaction but what has transpired is the new owners carried out a restructuring plan by which fired thousands of workers and it will not touch the plants operating in Germany, the plant Figueruelas in Zaragoza, the largest in Europe can be seen as reducing its workforce by 1,700 employees.

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Euribor continues to set minimum: time to prevent

I begin my journey by gurusblog. The first thing to say that I ancantado with this collaboration and the second thing that I hope the posts that “hangs” are of interest.

I’ll start with a post in which I comment that I think is worth remembering that the “comfortable” situation where we can find reviews of our mortgages, can change at any time and that therefore the family economy as the business, have a good margin for maneuver in terms of debt that we use, is essential to not meet with unpleasant situations in the future may be closer than we think.

All to review or have reviewed their mortgages this year, will have been a great “joy.” Its shares have fallen very relevant as long as they did not have a clause with a minimum rate of pay.

It seems obvious that sooner or later we will see the Euribor rise and therefore we find that our fees will rise again. Anyway I think it is good to remember above all not to “accommodate” to the rates we pay for our mortgages today. What is clear is that at least this year, the monthly expenditure that we have a mortgage and we pay (for now), will be considerably lower than last year and that’s always a joy.

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France: Environment or more protectionism?


France reported yesterday that will create a new tax to tax CO2 emissions to the environment, and this tax will apply to both businesses and consumers. The tax is 17 € per tonne of emission for the emissions of gas, coal and oil (the electricity is excluded because it is practically all nuclear).

However, this measure is accompanied by an even more controversial. And that creates new duties for products imported from countries without environmental regulations in the European equivalent, ie have no plans to reduce their emissions.

This has been a new momentum in France of protectionism. With the excuse of the environment, imposed on imports of developing countries. And this will have serious consequences for world trade.

That’s one way of seeing. Another is that if we strive to reduce emissions and other countries, not only in the long run will destroy jobs in our countries, as not meeting international standards have a competitive advantage, but also did not improve the environment , since the CO2 does not respect boundaries.

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Use your card like a relationship

Credit CardsKarla Bayly, a Mexican business consultant, offers a highly innovative technique for handling credit cards:  As in a relationship with someone whose domain does not want to fall. Romance, of course, but without easements. Use your credit card, but without being its slave.

1. Find out about him / her
Before taking a step in the relationship, find out all you can about the object of our desire: cost and commissions, interest, penalties, credit limit, promotions …

2. Avoid repeating the same mistakes
From the above relations we learn to avoid tripping over the same stone. What did not work with your credit before? Or, especially: What was what you could not run?

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Bankinter offers up to 1,000 euros to change your investment fund


Bankinter wants to continue gaining ground. The bank seeks a bonus up to $ 1,000 to those who make transfers of funds from other entities.

At a time when money is scarce, the fight is becoming more ruthless. Bankinter is why has decided to conduct a campaign which aims to attract investment funds from other entities with a permanent vocation.

Obviously nobody is changed only by change. Bankinter is why has decided to meliorate with 1% amounts of funds transferred from other institutions to fund marketed by Bankinter, regardless of background and the manager.

Of course, that is capped and the cap is 1000 Euro. Oh, and the minimum transfer amount is 3,000 euros.

Wanted loyalty to occasional customers of the bank as well as attract customers who own mutual funds through other entities.

The promotion will remain until on 15 January 2010.

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Movel Government Plan for the purchase of electric cars

Electro car

One of the most ambitious plans that the government intends to promote and is included within the Covenant of State for Energy, to reduce dependence on imported oil and to cheapen the annual bill by buying oil at about 11,000 million euros and also also lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is the so-called Plan móvel.

Movel Plan developed by the Ministry of Industry is to encourage the purchase of 2,000 electric cars until at least 2010 and its use, has a budget of 8 million and awarded grants ranging from 750 euros to 20,000 euros Depending on the type of vehicle but in the case of cars, the maximum grant is € 7,000.

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Kraft launched a bid for Cadbury


The U.S. power company Kraft Foods (KFT) (Oreo, Milka, Lu, Chips Ahoy etc. ..) today launched a takeover bid for Cadbury (CBRY) (manufacturer of chewing gum and chocolates possessing brands like Trident, Bubbaloo or Halls among others).

While a year ago, the entry in September, marked the demise of corporate transactions, it appears that this September we are starting to emerge with such force, especially in regard to acquisitions made by industrial enterprises with a powerful market position that exploit the situation to acquire rivals and strengthen their strategic positioning (the last was the acquisition of Marvel by Disney).

In this case the offer made by Kraft Foods has been at 745 pence per share from Cadbury, which is valuing the company at approximately 10,200 million British pounds. Kraft will pay 300 pence per share in cash and the rest offering 0.2589 shares of Kraft for each share of Cadbury (the offer part payment in shares seems to be one of the new guidelines in this post credit crunch).

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Advanced studies improve future earnings


The Economist magazine gives information based on a Study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which demonstrates the benefits of college.

The study finds that those with college education, earn considerably more over their working lives compared with those without.

Not for the first time we’ve seen the positive impact on the clearing of more education, not counting the more general positive impact on society of having people with more education and higher wages.

At a time when it is increasingly dropping out, and resulting high unemployment among young people, we are going in the opposite direction.

Politicians, on their rationale, are always looking for things to do and for advertising. Instead of taking more and more of our money and spend it at will, here is a topic that could occupy them, find ways to facilitate, promote and encourage education. Throughout life is good for the individual and for society in general.

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Advanced studies improve future earnings
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Traditional media and citations to blogs

newsIt confirms what many sensed, at least in the U.S., a reporter from the NY Times has recognized the company’s stated policy of not giving credit to blogs or to cite them and especially after about a month ago the Washington Post put the cry in the sky after a blogger a story echoed developed by the newspaper, that if quoting and Link, and paint of parasites bloggers.

To me this controversy reminds me a bit carelessly, it would be a courtesy that the traditional press, or journalists, to link the sources of inspiration as do many blogs, but do not only reflects their enormous contradictions in a new competitive environment they do not know still very well how to drive.
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Traditional media and citations to blogs
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The UK was at the gates of a pen


Although the news has not been outstanding, I feel strongly about the news published yesterday that Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which reflects the Spanish press. The FSA, the Financial Services Authority in the UK, was to hours of declaring a “playpen” financial in October 2008.

In those moments he lived the worst of the financial crisis. Lehman had gone bankrupt, and the United Kingdom was hatched against the clock banking rescue plan. The situation was the limit on the weekend of October 10-12. So much so that if the plan did not materialize, the FSA was prepared to make a pen, yes, only applicable to banks RBS and HBOS. If he had come to a drastic situation on Monday, 13 October had not allowed these banks do not withdraw deposits or, indeed, the ATMs have closed.

Instead came the rescue and did not reach the blood stream. What would happen if two of the largest banks in the United Kingdom have closed their doors to depositors? Is the panic generated would have thrown the country into a playpen general, as happened in Argentina in the late 90s?

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