Precious Metals: The Whole World Is Watching

Precious metals have always been desirable possessions. However, when markets are rising, investors often step away from these assets and choose stocks or other less concrete investment forms. Oddly enough, while today’s markets continue to rise, people are still flocking to precious metals. Not only that, but also many large institutions and even governments are snatching up reserves of these metals. The reasons behind these moves are not that mysterious.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?
There are many reasons to invest in these metals at any time and in any economy. Some reasons carry greater urgency than others at different historical points. Nevertheless, there is a growing consensus among buyers that these assets are good purchases in certain amounts at any given moment.

• The Historical Reason
There is a psychological backing to investment in these metallic commodities. The subconscious regard, which most people have for precious metals, has a lot to do with the long history, which these metals have in human society. Precious metals were discovered so long ago that they predate history itself. People probably loved these ores for their pretty color but they were also desirable for their malleability. Gold can be easily hammered into various shapes without heating it. Silver is very ductile and takes advantageous wire shapes that early people used in jewelry and art.
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Precious Metals: The Whole World Is Watching
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Find Firerock Homes for Sale Today

If you are currently looking for Firerock homes for sale, then you are certainly not alone. This is one of the most desirable communities in all of Arizona, and The Holm Group has worked closely with a number of buyers and sellers in this community. There are many aspects of Firerock that set it apart from other housing communities, and you are strongly encouraged to check out what it has to offer today.

For those who are unfamiliar with what Firerock homes for sale have to offer, let us provide you with a brief introduction. Firerock was first constructed in 2001 as a part of the Fountain Hills suburb of Phoenix. It is the first and only private country club in Fountain Hills, and its exclusivity is part of its irresistible allure. The world famous clubhouse and 18 hole championship golf course have since become a draw for golfing enthusiasts from around the world. The golf course here was designed by Gary Panks. Continue reading

Find Firerock Homes for Sale Today
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Rare Coin Market Outlook for 2013

Like any market, the rare coin market has plenty of ups and downs. Most collectors and investors would agree that there have been more downs than ups of late, but that trend is likely to change in 2013. Funnily enough, a healthier market could actually slow down activity among some collectors. For some folks, collecting rare gold and silver coins is strictly about investing in tangible assets, and many start doing during tough financial times. There are also people who sell their rare coins when the economy flounders. The point here is that during good times and bad, there are always people looking for exceptional rare coins.

Predicting Market Movements a Year in Advance
There’s not an exact science to predicting what the rare silver and gold coin market will do. However, there are plenty of ways to speculate and make educated guesses. Most rare coin collectors are in it for more than financial gain, however, and keeping an eye on the market is more akin to entertainment for them. There are certainly people who are strictly investors, of course, and they watch the market like hawks to ensure that their investments will remain sound throughout the year.

Everyone wishes there was a crystal ball that could broadcast the course that the market will take in 2013. The rare gold and silver coin market is influenced by the value of gold and silver in general, so keeping track of gold and silver prices can provide valuable clues about what to expect from an investment standpoint. Still, the current value of precious metals is just one piece of the puzzle. If a rare coin represents an extraordinary example and is needed to complete a particular series, a collector may be willing to pay far above what many investors would.

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Rare Coin Market Outlook for 2013
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Saving Money from Huge Taxes

The government expects every citizen of a country to pay taxes truthfully and on time without fail. As a responsible citizen if you pay taxes you are helping the government to develop your country. You should never escape from paying taxes because the money that you pay for the government is utilized for providing you with better facilities. But also there are certain provisions in the law that will allow you to pay less tax as well. Evading tax is legal in certain conditions and people do it to save money.

  • If you own a home business you are eligible for tax deductions. Also if you employ your family members then the government entitles you for a concession with taxes.


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When people like politicians interventions

governmentWith the uncertainty that is being viewed on the economies and with the clear slip experienced by the capitalist system, it is normal that people are worried and usually when people are worried, they want to see that something is being done and what left to the discretion of the most knowledgeable to know what to do.

Politicians, experts on post messages that people have been very clever in his management of the messages received by the people about who the real cause of the situation we find ourselves. Plus, with its high activity, have also given the impression that they were doing things to solve problems.

And not only in Spain, since the alleged solutions we have seen around the world have followed a similar pattern, I suppose for this we must thank the famous meetings of the G8 and the G20.

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U.S Bank Failures Go To 92


A 92 come the U.S. bank failures so far this year. What began in 2007 with three timid bank failures has spread like wildfire: 25 bankruptcy last year and now the figure climbs quickly to the hundred.

Banks Corus, Bank of Chicago, Lacey Washington and Brickwell Community Bank, Minnesota, closed its doors yesterday at a cost to the Fed than 1,700 million.

The financial crisis claims more victims and no single day that Wall Street will not be shaken by evil hanging over the U.S. banking system. The bank closed last week in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Arizona. In the coming months further falls are expected in large part by the sharp decline in housing prices and high unemployment which stands at the highest since 1980.

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The U.S. giant General Motors sells 55% of Opel to Magna

Opel to Magna

We have seen how this financial-economic crisis has had a global effect on the economy and how it has affected all sectors, not escaping the automotive sector with falling sales worldwide, with factory closures and worker layoffs continuing .

One of the multinationals concerned has been the almighty U.S. General Motors to liquidity problems, the accumulated losses and debts to acreddores, has been called to reduce its size, having to sell some of the subsidiary that owns and is the case of the German manufacturer Opel.

Thus, after tripartite negotiations between General Motors, the German government and stakeholders at Opel, the U.S. multinational has reached an agreement with the consortium formed by the Austrian-Canadian company Magna along with Sbernbank Russian entity to sell a 55% Opel to be shared equally, keeping General Motors at 35% and the remaining 10% will go to the 50,000 workers he has the German manufacturer.

It was unclear the economic terms of the transaction but what has transpired is the new owners carried out a restructuring plan by which fired thousands of workers and it will not touch the plants operating in Germany, the plant Figueruelas in Zaragoza, the largest in Europe can be seen as reducing its workforce by 1,700 employees.

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Euribor continues to set minimum: time to prevent

I begin my journey by gurusblog. The first thing to say that I ancantado with this collaboration and the second thing that I hope the posts that “hangs” are of interest.

I’ll start with a post in which I comment that I think is worth remembering that the “comfortable” situation where we can find reviews of our mortgages, can change at any time and that therefore the family economy as the business, have a good margin for maneuver in terms of debt that we use, is essential to not meet with unpleasant situations in the future may be closer than we think.

All to review or have reviewed their mortgages this year, will have been a great “joy.” Its shares have fallen very relevant as long as they did not have a clause with a minimum rate of pay.

It seems obvious that sooner or later we will see the Euribor rise and therefore we find that our fees will rise again. Anyway I think it is good to remember above all not to “accommodate” to the rates we pay for our mortgages today. What is clear is that at least this year, the monthly expenditure that we have a mortgage and we pay (for now), will be considerably lower than last year and that’s always a joy.

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France: Environment or more protectionism?


France reported yesterday that will create a new tax to tax CO2 emissions to the environment, and this tax will apply to both businesses and consumers. The tax is 17 € per tonne of emission for the emissions of gas, coal and oil (the electricity is excluded because it is practically all nuclear).

However, this measure is accompanied by an even more controversial. And that creates new duties for products imported from countries without environmental regulations in the European equivalent, ie have no plans to reduce their emissions.

This has been a new momentum in France of protectionism. With the excuse of the environment, imposed on imports of developing countries. And this will have serious consequences for world trade.

That’s one way of seeing. Another is that if we strive to reduce emissions and other countries, not only in the long run will destroy jobs in our countries, as not meeting international standards have a competitive advantage, but also did not improve the environment , since the CO2 does not respect boundaries.

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Advanced studies improve future earnings


The Economist magazine gives information based on a Study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which demonstrates the benefits of college.

The study finds that those with college education, earn considerably more over their working lives compared with those without.

Not for the first time we’ve seen the positive impact on the clearing of more education, not counting the more general positive impact on society of having people with more education and higher wages.

At a time when it is increasingly dropping out, and resulting high unemployment among young people, we are going in the opposite direction.

Politicians, on their rationale, are always looking for things to do and for advertising. Instead of taking more and more of our money and spend it at will, here is a topic that could occupy them, find ways to facilitate, promote and encourage education. Throughout life is good for the individual and for society in general.

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Advanced studies improve future earnings
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The UK was at the gates of a pen


Although the news has not been outstanding, I feel strongly about the news published yesterday that Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which reflects the Spanish press. The FSA, the Financial Services Authority in the UK, was to hours of declaring a “playpen” financial in October 2008.

In those moments he lived the worst of the financial crisis. Lehman had gone bankrupt, and the United Kingdom was hatched against the clock banking rescue plan. The situation was the limit on the weekend of October 10-12. So much so that if the plan did not materialize, the FSA was prepared to make a pen, yes, only applicable to banks RBS and HBOS. If he had come to a drastic situation on Monday, 13 October had not allowed these banks do not withdraw deposits or, indeed, the ATMs have closed.

Instead came the rescue and did not reach the blood stream. What would happen if two of the largest banks in the United Kingdom have closed their doors to depositors? Is the panic generated would have thrown the country into a playpen general, as happened in Argentina in the late 90s?

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Trades in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to ECLAC

Latin America Economy

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) presented the report “An Overview of the international insertion of Latin America and the Caribbean 2008-2009: Crisis and regional cooperation areas. While this document covers several topics, it is important to note that it says that this year the volumes of exports and imports of Latin American countries will suffer a significant downturn, the worst of the last weeks. That report was presented by the executive secretary Addition of the organism, Alicia Barcena, the ECLAC headquarters, located in the city of Santiago, Chile. That document states that trade is the sector most beaten by the global crisis, according to the ECLAC website, adding that trade in the region will fall by 13% over the course of 2009.

According to the report, released at the site of the ECLAC, the volume of exports from the region fall 11%, the worst drop since 1937, and imports will fall by 14%, the worst figure since 1982.

As part of this presentation, Alicia Barcena said is necessary to implement policies to revive trade, the productive sector actually beaten by the recession experienced by the world economies, as reported by the website.

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