Use your card like a relationship

Credit CardsKarla Bayly, a Mexican business consultant, offers a highly innovative technique for handling credit cards:  As in a relationship with someone whose domain does not want to fall. Romance, of course, but without easements. Use your credit card, but without being its slave.

1. Find out about him / her
Before taking a step in the relationship, find out all you can about the object of our desire: cost and commissions, interest, penalties, credit limit, promotions …

2. Avoid repeating the same mistakes
From the above relations we learn to avoid tripping over the same stone. What did not work with your credit before? Or, especially: What was what you could not run?

3. How you look, you will
We must guard the image. Do not let the irresponsible hogazanería or stain the ideals it stands, as a lover and as a cardholder: the files of debtors are difficult to overcome a pothole. Furthermore, a well-managed card is the door to get better and bigger credit lines.

4. Do not make promises in vain
At the beginning of a relationship, and the balance from one card brand, we feel the same, we feel compelled to promise. And as we talk about more in the first few dates, we can commit that we have no income or that are not safe (and it is likely that at present none is).

5. Never on a first date
Impulsivity may lead us to ask for things that the other party is willing to give, but will be saved if we act impulsively and foolishly. Why ruin a beautiful evening that a hint or a good credit history with compulsive shopping just because you can do?

6. Do not let your guard down
One leads to the next appointment, so I always step by step, and respecting all the rules. The credit card is as faithful as people: treat him well, do not make mistakes, and come back to you.

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