Advanced studies improve future earnings


The Economist magazine gives information based on a Study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which demonstrates the benefits of college.

The study finds that those with college education, earn considerably more over their working lives compared with those without.

Not for the first time we’ve seen the positive impact on the clearing of more education, not counting the more general positive impact on society of having people with more education and higher wages.

At a time when it is increasingly dropping out, and resulting high unemployment among young people, we are going in the opposite direction.

Politicians, on their rationale, are always looking for things to do and for advertising. Instead of taking more and more of our money and spend it at will, here is a topic that could occupy them, find ways to facilitate, promote and encourage education. Throughout life is good for the individual and for society in general.

What catches the attention of the study is that, throughout his working life, graduates are benets unless the graduates, on average 38% less!

As seen in the table, South Korea, college-educated women are the ones that benefit most in their total income, much more.

What do you think?, No other country in the table where women benefit more than men in their salaries for college, Spain.

That does not mean they charge like they do. What he means is that with college, they improve their situation more than they, throughout their working lives.

You have to congratulate any good news in this area but, as the figures generally show us, in terms of equal conditions, we are still far behind and the road is long.

Via | Economist

Advanced studies improve future earnings
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