Trades in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to ECLAC

Latin America Economy

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) presented the report “An Overview of the international insertion of Latin America and the Caribbean 2008-2009: Crisis and regional cooperation areas. While this document covers several topics, it is important to note that it says that this year the volumes of exports and imports of Latin American countries will suffer a significant downturn, the worst of the last weeks. That report was presented by the executive secretary Addition of the organism, Alicia Barcena, the ECLAC headquarters, located in the city of Santiago, Chile. That document states that trade is the sector most beaten by the global crisis, according to the ECLAC website, adding that trade in the region will fall by 13% over the course of 2009.

According to the report, released at the site of the ECLAC, the volume of exports from the region fall 11%, the worst drop since 1937, and imports will fall by 14%, the worst figure since 1982.

As part of this presentation, Alicia Barcena said is necessary to implement policies to revive trade, the productive sector actually beaten by the recession experienced by the world economies, as reported by the website.

The website of the United Nations Organization (UNO) echoed this statement and explained what were the reasons for the marked fall in commercial sector. Among the probable causes are: reduction in international demand, declining commodity prices and financing difficulties, according to the UN website.
Authorities said the ECLAC, through its website, the report “An Overview of the international insertion of Latin America and the Caribbean 2008-2009 …” proposes actions in different areas such as investing in infrastructure, stimulate inter-regional trade or to address environmental challenges and climate change.

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