When people like politicians interventions

governmentWith the uncertainty that is being viewed on the economies and with the clear slip experienced by the capitalist system, it is normal that people are worried and usually when people are worried, they want to see that something is being done and what left to the discretion of the most knowledgeable to know what to do.

Politicians, experts on post messages that people have been very clever in his management of the messages received by the people about who the real cause of the situation we find ourselves. Plus, with its high activity, have also given the impression that they were doing things to solve problems.

And not only in Spain, since the alleged solutions we have seen around the world have followed a similar pattern, I suppose for this we must thank the famous meetings of the G8 and the G20.

economy opinionIn this context, not surprising as positive results of recent surveys of people’s opinion, and teleconference sessions with industrial experts on the measures taken so far and about the leaders who participated. With so much propaganda and seeing all follow the same path, it is normal to think that the path taken is the sole and proper.The main problem with these results is that politicians are going to believe and, therefore, no longer really necessary to introduce measures to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

His obsession with the limitation of salaries shows that are on the road populist and not in the way of the solution. Moreover, as my colleagues wrote, Antony and Alexander, this morning, financial systems that have left need to remain problematic.

The recent announcement in Spain for tax increases shows that we are already seeing the tail that some of us warned that they would bring the solutions that followed.

To see if the people are beginning to realize that the measures taken were not the panacea that many tried to convince them that, ultimately, it is they who will face the solutions.

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