Movel Government Plan for the purchase of electric cars

Electro car

One of the most ambitious plans that the government intends to promote and is included within the Covenant of State for Energy, to reduce dependence on imported oil and to cheapen the annual bill by buying oil at about 11,000 million euros and also also lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is the so-called Plan móvel.

Movel Plan developed by the Ministry of Industry is to encourage the purchase of 2,000 electric cars until at least 2010 and its use, has a budget of 8 million and awarded grants ranging from 750 euros to 20,000 euros Depending on the type of vehicle but in the case of cars, the maximum grant is € 7,000.

That itself is a great plan but it has several drawbacks such as:

* High price now costs one of these cars, as for example the price of a small utility around about 40,000 euros.

* Another disadvantage is that there is now a network of recharge conditions, which will be solved by building more than 500 points to 2010 recharges.

* Another is the limited autonomy of these cars that are useful for walking through town but not the 160 kms road approximate that can travel without recharging.

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