How to change your mortgage bank

mortgageIf you are under contract with a floor-ceiling clause that allows you to take the downs of the Euribor, and to lower the monthly payments you pay, you have a solution: switch banks. It is a process with their costs, but in some cases is better than paying interest segur above the current trend.
The process of changing bank is called subrogation, and is a figure that indicates clearly that the act of signing with an institution does not bind us to it. If you are a bank with better conditions, we can move our mortgage with him.Binding Offer
The first step is to apply the new bank a document specifying the terms they offer (terms, interests, facilities …). Conditions which together are called “binding offer.


This document itself starts the process of surrogacy, which must be notified to the holder of the mortgage bank by the bank via new attorney. The original bank should then, with a maximum of 7 days, send a document to bring the outstanding mortgage balance, and that the loan will be subrogated.
How to change your mortgage bank
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