Different Solar Panel Product Options

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Solar panel systems have been around for decades.  When they were first introduced, however, the options for installing residential solar panels were both limited and very expensive.  As the technology developed, the solar panels not only become more powerful and more efficient, but the options for residential installation became more varied and much cheaper.  With the Federal government, as well as many State, City, and local governments offering tax credit and rebates as financial incentives, it is now cheaper than ever to purchase and install residential solar panel systems. 

Making the Switch to Residential Solar Energy

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The biggest advantage of making the switch to a residential solar energy system is the reduced cost you will see on your monthly energy costs. Solar energy is superior to the more conventional sources of power because it uses clean and renewable energy, something the more traditional energy sources we are used to do not do. Getting your energy from the sun means you are getting clean and renewable energy, since the sun is providing the energy via its sunlight. Outlined below is what you can expect if you make the switch to install a solar energy system with a solar energy provider like Verengo.

Solar power and the idea of solar energy systems have come a long way in the last few decades. They have gone from an afterthought or an unlikely commodity to a viable alternative for any homeowner. Once considered a luxury of the upper class (though perhaps mistakenly so), solar energy is now affordable to the lower and middle classes, as well. Residential solar energy systems are easily justifiable since the systems do not cost the homeowner any money after the system is paid for and installed (unless the leasing or renting options are chosen, which is also affordable but is a bit more complicated), and they work to greatly reduce your regular energy costs once they are installed.

Successful Platinum Investing 2013

Monex Live Platinum Prices
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If you’re interested in precious metals or platinum investing 2013 is an outstanding time to enter the marketplace. Working with a reputable firm is one of the first pre-requisites of success, and Monex has earned a name by providing buyers and sellers with an easy, safe, and reliable way to receive the highest returns from their investment. The company offers a wide variety of buying choices and has ingots, bullion, and coins that are offered in an assayed and hallmarked form that is essential for buyer security. In addition to purchasing precious metals in a hard format, buyers have plenty of other options that can facilitate trading.Monex Live Platinum Prices

While gold and silver may be what is traditionally imagined when thinking of precious metals investing, platinum is newer to the scene, but it offers a whole host of benefits and has some features that make it a proven choice for success. Any type of precious metal is unique in that it has an innate charm that has made it a store of value throughout time. Before paper money was in widespread circulation, many people relied on the use of precious metals to trade with each other. As a matter of fact, during the first few years of the United States, the paper currency was actually backed by gold that was held on deposit in federal reserves. While this has changed and the advent of electronic payment options has made paper money virtually obsolete, investors can still speculate on the changing prices of precious metals to earn money from their capital.

The Rising Interest in Rare Coins

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As people increasingly switch to tangible assets amidst global economic uncertainty, rare coin investing, particularly of gold and silver coins, will grow along with the value of rare coins. Due to currently depressed gold and silver prices, many investors are taking advantage of the buying opportunity the recent bear market in both metals has brought.

Investor Interest in Rare Coins Growing

With massive amounts of money printing by the world’s central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, investors are concerned about the value of paper money. Investors have thus switched their focus to more traditional forms of money, such as gold and silver, since they cannot be created with the click of a computer button. Given that coins were made in significant quantities using gold and silver in the past, investor interest in rare gold and silver coins has grown along with interest in precious metals.

The Positive Experience of Verengo Solar for Home Power

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Any homeowner who is considering the option to go solar obviously needs to find the right company from which to purchase the solar panels and installation. There are numerous reasons why Verengo Solar offers a positive experience, and learning these reasons can help a homeowner determine if this is the right company to be working with. When a customer chooses this company, they will get more than just solar panels at their home. They will work with a professional and courteous team, receive the most professional installation, and have access to numerous different options so that the conversion can be tailored to their home specifically.

Expect Strong Solar Growth This year

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According to bizjournals.com, new solar installation increased by a hefty 76 percent in 2012. The most growth was in the largest solar markets, California, Arizona, and New Jersey. Solar was also the fastest growing source of energy in the United States. Much of this growth can be attributed to zero down solar panels from solar dealers, such as Verengo a leader in the industry.

The solar industry installed 3,313 megawatts worth of solar panels in 2012 and this was a new record for the industry. When 2012 ended the solar industry had installed enough panels to power 1.2 million homes. Furthermore, California was the first state to install 1,000 megawatts worth of solar panels in 2012.

Going Solar in your Home

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There are so many reasons why a person or family may decide to switch over to solar power, rather than relying on fossil fuel-based methods.  Whether you are interested in saving thousands of dollars in yearly electricity costs, or if you just want to make your home a greener, more sustainable place, VerengoSolar.com will make your dream a reality.

These days, many people are waking up to the importance of sustainable power options.  We have learned how burning fossil fuels releases harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment, which have been proven to be causing global temperature shifts, acid rain, and many other prevalent issues.  A Burbank Solar Energy Installation allows us to do our part to make the Earth cleaner and safer.  Remember that your children and your children’s children deserve a safe planet to inhabit.  It should not be up to them to clean up our mistakes; instead we should start actively pursuing reasonable solutions to these prevalent issues.

Answers to Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

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All over the world progressive home and business owners are implementing new green technologies in their day-to-day lives.  Not only do these modern options help to save the planet, but also they are sound financial investments.  One of the most effective ways to save money while also saving the Earth is through the use of solar energy systems.

Most people are aware of what solar panels are, but there are some common misconceptions about them as well.  Those who take the time to learn the truth about modern solar energy systems usually end up wondering why they didn’t make the simple switch before.  There really is no better time than the present to start enjoying the multitude of benefits that await solar users.

The Value of Using Silicon in Sacramento Solar Energy Panels

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Because of the atomic makeup of silicon, it works well as a perfect element for harnessing power from the sun to convert it into electricity. The silicon atom is comprised of 14 electrons with an outermost shell that contains four electrons. The only way silicon can remain stable is to have eight electrons. As a way to ensure a natural reaction, scientists perform “doping” or the process of adding other foreign atoms that help to make the silicon more unstable, to create free-floating electrons.

This process generates an electrical field that can be harnessed and used immediately. As the rays of the sun carry the photons (light), it has enough power to dislodge these unstable electrons, which are then collected and used in the current.

Save Thousands in Electric Bills with Solar

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Solar has grown by leaps and bounds the last few years, thanks in large part to zero down verengo residential solar panels. Leasing has changed the way average folks go solar and has brought the residential solar market front and center. In high electric rate states like California, New Jersey and New York people now have a viable alternative to paying high electric bills. For the first-time ever the grid has a viable competitor, and it is the residential market that stands to save thousands off their high electric bills.

According to bounceenergy.com people are looking for ways to go green. After all most of us know electric companies still rely on polluting and very expensive fossil fuels to manufacture most of their electricity. The good news is going green with solar actually saves you money in high electric bills, and solar is does not pollute. Fossil fuels are a resource that is dwindling in supply which means electric rates are going to go up even more. Solar offers a practical solution to this problem.

Residential Solar Panel Systems From Verengo Solar

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These days, when everyone is worried about the future of our planet, our nation, and about their own financial security, solar makes more sense than ever. But it’s scary, making an investment of that size in the middle of such turmoil today. An important partner for homeowners, Verengo Solar, is there to help. Featuring many American made components, friendly and honest consultants, and a sterling reputation, Verengo Solar tries to find a solution for every customer. Verengo selects its representatives to ensure that their customers walk away satisfied. It also offers some of the most attractive offers in solar energy today and takes care of its customers from start to finish. They have helped countless American homeowners make the move to solar energy. Their residential solar panel systems, which include components produced by some of the most reputable names in solar energy, help homeowners achieve energy- (not to mention financial) independence. Verengo Solar offers fair consultations, fair pricing, and some of the best possibilities to upgrade your home and invest in the future. And to get that energy bill under control!

Avoid High Costs and Blackout in Bakersfield with Solar Panels

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In Bakersfield, solar panels are a great option, and you can easily see why that is the case. Just about any day of the year in this area of the state, you will be able to step outside and enjoy some sunshine. The sun is intense here, and you will find that even in the winter and early spring, you will have plenty of days with sunshine. What does this mean for solar panels? Since these panels require sunlight to work, it means that you are going to be able to generate a substantial amount of energy for your home throughout the year.

When you have enough solar panels on your home, you will find that you can cut the cost of your energy bill in half with little trouble. Of course, some people are able to reduce their bills even further. In fact, a few make enough energy that they have no energy bill and they even sell back some of the power they make. You need to have professionals who can install your Bakersfield solar panels for you though. The temptation to try to install the panels on your own might be there, but is one that you want to avoid! The pros will be able to ensure proper installation and they can make sure that you are getting the panels on the best location on your roof.